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17 January 2021, 11:17 PM

31°c , India

Happy Independence Day….- Shama Hai Jali

Happy Independence Day….- Shama Hai Jali

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Most of us have started forgetting the meaning of Independence Day and the efforts behind it. Some of us are too busy earning a living and others just got over it.

Today we sit on comfy couches, sipping coffee, blaming the government, and the system for the corruption. Tomorrow we purposefully drive fast, purposefully jump a red-light and bribe a policeman.

In the ‘busy’ lives of ours, with all the resources, comforts, and gadgets, we have forgotten the true celebration of our freedom. The tricolor kites and the patriotic songs that used to, hand in hand, swoosh our day have been replaced with games on mobiles, statuses on social media and selfies with flags.

Prior to this Independence Day, I got the privilege of spending 20 days with the amazing students of East Delhi Municipal Corporation Primary School, Karkardooma-I. When we think of government schools we think of brick-clad classrooms, students with abusive languages from less privileged houses, lack of discipline, poverty, and other parameters we allow ourselves to judge them on.

However, I instead found some amazingly talented kids who were eager to bond with a newbie teacher who wasn’t even the part of the school.

          Instead of finding lack-of-resources-impacted kids, I got an eager-to-please, a resourceful girl with a developed sense of leadership. Some students with heightened skills and amazing grasping power. A prankster who found laughs with others in simple jokes. Some very hardworking girls and some very enthusiastic ones. Some very adaptable ones and many who were at heels to fight with anybody who said anything against their newbie teacher. And all of them devotedly prepared for the independence day program in true spirits and passion.

Where is the ‘jazbaa’ (passion) that brought us our independence? Is it still there in us lying in the dusty avenues behind the glorified ones of our personal ambitions? Can we still light that flame within us? Yes, we can.

Instead of blaming our nation lets start devoting 20% of our personal ambitions(and time) to our country. There are so many ways to do that. We can:

  • provide resources to such schools(whatever we can afford).

  • devote time to teaching underprivileged and needy.

  • feed others(whatever we can afford)

  • give time to people in old age homes.

  • maybe even adopt a kid.

  • teach whatever vocational skills to people.

  • help the needy monetarily(whatever and if we can afford).

  • distribute toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, and other hygiene-related items.

  • donate your old clothes to needy people instead of exchanging them for goods.

  • NOT pay to beggars.

  • provide medical devices or medicines to hospitals.

  • raise voice if we see someone doing wrong to others (especially for the ones who cant do it for themselves).

Take your pick.(Even suggest me more).

But, also implement it in your life. The true sense of independence is in the development of the whole nation on all the fronts. Let’s hold each others’ hands and move forward….all together.

The true solace is in the passion towards our own land because she too is our mother, she too feeds us and she too is bringing us up. True as the Shama Hai Jali.. song says:

 ज़मीन जुनून हो,   

यही सुकून हो.


Let's light that flame and bring that passion again. It is the first step towards our own solace and an important step towards true freedom.



Lipi Gupta

PS: very important:

  1. Thank you for the insights of the amazing students and Principal and staff of EastDelhi Municipal Corporation Primary School, Karkardooma-I.

  2. Thank you #sanam for the amazing song.

  3. No copyrights on song or video.

  4. Copyright Lipi Gupta 8/15/2017, 9:11 AM IST

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  1. Akriti sharma - 07 Sep 2020

    Beautiful. 👏👏👏

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