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25 October 2021, 07:50 PM

31°c , India

Are We Actually Free?

Are We Actually Free?

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Is our mind free from others’ influence? From the targeted influence made by the producers on us…the consumers? These are the questions that we, as consumers, must ask ourselves while we buy something. Be it a service or a product. From the starting of the internet era everything is being monitored, be it the person’s privacy, person’s habits, even his thought process is being monitored just by the things that we do on the internet.

As time changed, the world has also changed a lot and so did the people. It’s not just the influence of technology on people but also their systematically developed materialistic mindset created by the consumerism and influence of corporates on people’s life through targeted marketing.

Targeted Marketing

In this current scenario, we have become nothing but byproducts of the lifestyle obsession. Our originality is just being caged by fake personas that we factor in as standards when we mingle with others and try to show off as someone we are not. As technology grew, our concerns towards wars, famines, or any other world problems have decreased. But we have taken the stress of the least concerning matters as primary ones. Luxury, addiction to brands, addiction to being fake, which is influenced by fashion and lifestyle magazines, television, and social media. Today, it is necessary to have a tag in your attire. It is more important to be polished physically than to be beautiful mentally. Buying branded clothes is a necessity, riding a luxurious car is a need, and the list goes on.

Targeted marketing has made us believe that we want stuff to be happy. Not to evolve yourself to be a better person, to laugh a little, play a little, feel-good of yourself with people you love, and just be the way you are…nothing. Stuff. Material. Brands.

We need to understand the reality. We need to understand and accept the truth. Our priorities need to improve in order to understand what’s necessary and what’s just aimed to make us believe in a make-believe world that doesn’t exist outside the bubble. We need to be free.

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