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17 January 2021, 11:32 PM

31°c , India

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

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Have you noticed... how clear the skies are? It's been some time since I properly noticed the clear blue sky above me.. and when today in the morning I decided to have a smallish walk (on my terrace only.. no curfew broken) I could feel the freshness in the air, the oxygen and the clear blue skies. I saw birds flying freely... n I saw that I couldn't see many people running around on streets. It is Friday and nobody was dropping kids on the school bus, no one going to office.. n a nearby family sipped tea in the balcony and an aunty fed the dogs on my street. For the first time I felt.. nature is indeed healing herself.


It did bring me to a depressive thought that maybe earth will do so much better without humans. Maybe we weren't in the plan of nature... A resultant of the uncontrolled reaction of evolution... or maybe even a failed experiment.


Maybe it is time that we work on becoming a better version of us that'll be actually benefitting to Earth. Maybe we should take a break from being human for some time every year and stay on Earth the way we were supposed to... down to Earth and simple in living... so our precious Earth may also get time to heal.

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  1. Ruchi Singla - 04 Jun 2020

    Beautiful picture above. Your words paint a picture in mind.

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