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17 January 2021, 11:41 PM

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Random Thought #1: Trust The Driver

Random Thought #1: Trust The Driver

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There’s a huge possibility that a number of Bollywood movies… or bits and parts of them… are waiting to happen in your life. But the ones that come to my mind traveling up or down a mountain are the ones with a car or a bus going too little too fast, breaking the side ledges and falling violently down the cliff making a perfect parabola in the air and landing with a ‘thhupp’ in the valley. You watch one while planning a hill station visit and the matters gonna get worse. Don’t get me wrong…I love all those views of the mountain and the valleys and there’s no question in that. But you can’t blame a girl for thinking like that when you look down the window and the ground seems like light years ago.

Looking into the valley makes me mentally nauseous and compels me to pen my will, except that I don’t really have anything much valuable to hand down (my brother is going to claim his rights on my mobile and laptop anyways), while the vehicle I am sitting in feels like my heavenly abode.

But one thing I should say is that one person that I trust (and never wrote my will because of) is the driver of that ride, no matter who it was.

Sometimes in life when you don’t know how to control your ride, you have to let the reins go…you need to trust the driver who is driving your life. Given that he voluntarily took the reins, he might know it really well. So sit tight and let that magician work his magic.

But of course, it’s just a random thought…

Maybe true, maybe not.


PC: Lipi Gupta, Location: Maharashtra


Lipi Gupta


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  1. Saina - 24 Jun 2020

    Beautifully put 👏👏👏👏

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