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Parquet Courts on Resisting Nihilism & Why Tourism in Dubai is booming the world.

Parquet Courts on Resisting Nihilism & Why Tourism in Dubai.

28 September, 2018, 04:57

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Gully Writers is a team of common writers who believe in creating a change with their pen. 'Pen is mightier than the sword' is our belief and the vision of bringing that mighty pen to the masses. We Write to change. is a venture of ours where you can find the result of the fits of our creative tantrums. A place which may hold the solutions to those problems or the key to your laughter...a way to love or even just a long lost desire rekindled.

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Our Vision

Change is an eventuality. But a positive change is a result of efforts that are made and layered upon each other. The makers of the future are people who can be the change themselves and make those efforts. We at Gully Writers strive to bring on the positive change being the word-smiths of the society.

Gully Writers, Publishing and Consultancy Vision

At Gully Writers, Publishing and Consultancy, we believe that the wordsmiths of the society deserve to be given a better base to take off... and that is what we provide. We are Writers oriented publishers: From the writers, by the writers and for the writers.

Meet Our Team

Lipi Gupta

Owner, Founder, Director (Execution), and Editor-in-Chief (English)

Lipi Gupta is a writer, editor, poet and a psychologist. Working as an editor, she has multiple titles under her name. She is the winner of Idea India Lit-o-fest 2017 for which her story 'I Want To Be Free' won. Her writing is closer to depiction of human emotions and reasons behind them. As a publisher, she, being a writer herself, is more oriented towards the writers and their work.

Akhilesh Math

Writer and Food Blogger

Akhilesh Math is a poet, writer, and food blogger. His expertise is also Data Analysis and Marketing Implementation. He writes short articles and prose poetry inclined towards fiction. He also handles the Sizzler Trails section as the in house Food Blogger.

Nitin Kalal

Editor-in-Chief (Hindi)

Nitin Kalal is a writer, poet and an author of four amazing titles 'I Wish I Could Fly', 'Swapn Darpan', 'Stay With Me' and 'The Man Who Pretends To Be Happy'. He is an active social and romantic Hindi poet and works exclusively with Gully Writers as Editor for Hindi Books.

Arpit Sharma

IT Head, Marketing

Arpit Sharma, an IT expert, provides the IT solution to the company as well as to our writers. His expertise also extends to our YouTube channel in which his videos on science, logic, astrology, and life are portrayed.

Rishabh Gupta


Rishabh Gupta is a qualified designer. He heads the designing department of publishing.