Our Vision

Change is an eventuality. But a positive change is a result of efforts that are made and layered upon each other. The makers of the future are people who be the change and make those efforts. We at Gully Writers strive to bring on the positive change being the word-smiths of the society.

Our Story

Gully Writers is a team of common writers who believe in creating a change with their pen. 'Pen is mightier than the sword'is our belief and the vision of bringing that mighty pen to the masses. We Write to change.

tantrumfits.com is a venture of ours where you can find the result of the fits of our creative tantrums. A place which may hold the solutions to those problems or the key to your laughter...a way to love or even just a long lost desire rekindled.

Meet the Team

Here at Gully Writers, we are 'Partners'. We have our own forte but our skills are not limited to it. We are:

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