Opening my eyes
Felt like they were still closed
A pitch black world
Was all I could see
A room full of sound
But no one seems to be around
I could hear well
But I couldn’t see
My will shattered
I broke into pieces
Pieces of my soul scattered.

Colors stopped meaning to me
Light stopped enlightening
I was alive I knew
But left somewhere my soul

Walking in the darkness
Hurting myself on everything around
Knocking over things
I felt like a blind hawk
Wings spread out
Tasting the air
Had to be the bat
To learn its survival secret
Counting my steps
Feeling things and spaces.
Lost my eyes
I started developing other ones
Creating my own grid
Matching the margins and boundaries
I was living in my own chess board
Where everyone was a player
Everything was a barrier
Every step counted
Every count mattered

The darkness was the new lord
Which demanded my submission
But when I lost my eyes
I developed many others
Making allies with my arm,
My ear,
My nose
My pride refused the pity
My esteem made me strong
I accepted darkness
And made it my companion
For it may remain with me
Throughout my life.

Akhilesh Math
And Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Akhilesh G Math & Lipi Gupta,04/15/2018, 22:30 PM IST

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