When two forces act in the same direction, they supplement each other, add up to each other and increase the yield. This gives positive results. When two forces act against each other, they nullify each other’s efforts and downsize the results.



A team works on the same principle. A team is a collection of forces together. Now, if all these forces work in the same direction, then the results are achieved. But if some members of the same team, work in opposite direction, they bring down the effect or increase the required effort.

Now, to not being able to work in the same direction, there can be many reasons for:

  • Goal – For the same goal, the team works in the same direction. But if the end goal differs for all or few members of the team, the efforts will not be collectively working.
  • Way –  If a team chooses a way, all team members should have the same way and method. Any difference in the path will change the direction of movement.
  • Leadership – If a team lacks the right kind of leadership, the team will not work right. As the whole body has two eyes, two ears, two legs, two hands, but the authority and command is held by only the brain and that is just one.


To work better in a team, it should always have a well-defined goal, a predecided path, and one recognized leader. That makes the teamwork easier and the team more compatible. The more compatible a team member is, the team works better.

Always choose a team that helps you grow. Always choose the team members that supplements your effort and not work against it. It’s the efforts that count. But more than the efforts, it’s the right direction and right subjection of efforts that bring results.

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