From past don’t know how many years, we have been so indulged in the equality of genders. Feminism we call it. We have been asking for equal salaries, equal positions, equally divided responsibilities. But we never thought we’d be getting such an amazing offer against it. This offer these days is making each of us feel that feminism was one investment we have made absolutely right. An investment ready to finally pay us.

Against our demand for equality, we are being provided with free rides in the Delhi Metro. Finally, our feminist minds have such important returns of investment. That too on the current investment with no extra efforts.

But like every female who love the word ‘free’ (I came to learn this from Kejriwal 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 on facebook yesterday.. typical MCPs really), we believe it is only fair if with all the free metro rides that we will be getting, we get unlimited free golgappe, chaat, and bhelpuri in the metro itself. Served by female vendors, of course, else we will not feel safe.

Since the free metro rides is a better idea than any previously promised CCTV cameras on roads and lanes, increasing security and police patrol in secluded neighborhoods… even better than taking stricter actions on stalkers. One of the most brilliant ideas by our Delhi CM in order to ensure our security in our city.

Adding the spicy and tangy flavors of different chaats and golgappe will add to the security measures of free metro rides. On a plus note, spicy golgappe can be used to throw in the assailants’ eyes giving us the edge in fights increasing our security.

We are pretty sure the Chief Minister of Delhi, who has been so proactive in the area of women security in the state, will approve this proposal or we might have to visit Jantar Mantar a little more often than you. Plus come on, Mr. K, you have to admit, golgappe are the most awesome exchange of the feminism demands that we have, since so long. Even your muffler is the most prominent witness to that, we believe. Isn’t it?

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