They say that when Swami Vivekananda met Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa for the first time, he cried and said to Swami Vivekananda “I was waiting for you since a long time.”


Very few people in the world have the power of being able to shape the future. Majority of the pool of those people are teachers.

The word, teacher, rings into the deepest corners of mind a bell of a kid like hesitation, a friend like frankness, a parent like support and a sculptor like carving with of course a pile of homework right behind it. Teachers are a huge part of our lives and have a great influence on us. Though we physically grow ourselves the mental growth of ours is shaped by the people around us. While the parents become the basic shapers of our personalities, the teachers aren’t far behind in the list. Many times they actually become the primary shapers too.


There aren’t any less of examples in our enriched history and culture where teachers have played important roles in making the world.

Be it Chanakya who took under his wing young Chandragupta Maurya and made him what we know him as…a great Mauryan emperor. Be it Sri Ramkrishan Paramhansa who taught Swami Sri Vivekananda or even the para-mortal Vetal who taught King Vikramaditya. Be it, Sri Rama, Pandavas, Sri Krishna, and so many other great people who had done great deeds in their lives. A great life story always had a supporting hand of a great teacher behind it. A teacher who supported the clay from one end and carved and sculpted it from the other. Like a potter shaping his pots…a teacher shapes his disciple.

This teachers’ day…take a little time out of your busy schedule to wish the people responsible for shaping you into what you are…a  very Happy Teachers’ Day.

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