We have a lot of references, lots of stories, lots of dramatic expectations towards love. Fairy tales… Suspense, unrequittance (I think that’s a word… If it’s not then it should be.)… The highs of feeling after a long waiting frozen period of time… The uncertainty. The rush of emotions. The danger of falling down an endless pit… Hence falling in love.

And we love that falling in love. 

Mostly, because, we all love that drama that is the made-up pretense and the rush of adrenaline within every fiber of our bodies. It gives us a feeling of strength. It makes us feel strong and part of an action that we can’t even explain. We love those pauses in our life that make us look over our shoulder, bring the urgency in our mind… feeling of being in action without being in danger. We feel like heroes in our story on the path to a climax. But mostly it is just a feeling. It is just a make-believe world that we knit around our own mind with the help of our hormones.

But slowly that phase in our life passes on and in comes the simple time which brings the sweet understanding. Love is not just an adrenaline rush… love is not just a momentary high that we feel as junkies without taking on real leaps. 

Love in its best form is… pure. Love should be like a simple, easy, underrated place that you can curl up after all the action of the day concludes. It should be the place where you can let your hair down and put your feet up without thinking of the stains on the table. It should be a place where you can mess up the food, and eat in your pajamas without being judged. The place where you are important with and without an amazing dress, you can be dirty or clean, can be the control freak or the softly smiling type… where you don’t have to hide. A place where you can wash your laundry, dance around, make faces, laugh your heart out and do it in any order… and the people who mind don’t exist and who matter smile wide with you.

Love should feel like Home.❤️

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