For as long as the civilization existed, females have been expected to be tidy, cleaned up, in control. Many societies teach their young ladies to smile more but laugh less, to feel more but say less, to understand more but express less. A woman from a very young age is told to keep her opinions to herself, wear clothes ladylike, to display certain ladylike manners, keep her thoughts at bay, disregard her feelings, to not to be loud, to be a beautiful damsel but never show her distress.

This is not just an expectation of the male section of the society but also the females. The systematic incorporation of certain values has made the female section of the society as narrow-minded towards their rights as others.
You should realize that while you should have certain human values in us as a part of society, you are not meant to be perfect. You are not Goddesses to be worshipped. You are humans too and you deserve to be treated like one. You don’t need the higher status because, in the end, that also demeans your equality and raise others’ expectations.
You too can have bad days…you too have right to break down and look for help while you too have a right to move ahead and take reins in your hands.                                                  
WOMEN…you are not just a cinched dress wearing, model figured, responsibility bearing, child nurturing, needs fulfilling, forever graceful, always honest, hospitable, humble, adaptable, ever in control of your emotions kind of creatures…
YOU ARE MORE…                                                                                          
You are sometimes reckless, may not think clearly, spontaneous, careless, bitchy, hurt, vindictive, under PMS and an utterly helpless human. But still, you have every right in the world to celebrate each ounce of yourself…

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Lipi Gupta

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Alexia · March 12, 2018 at 1:56 am

Thanks for the gruesome memories

ashleigh · March 22, 2018 at 11:00 am

Lipi Gupta, thank you ever so for you post. wow.

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