Housefull which sounds like a movie theatre is actually a Bollywood themed vegetarian restaurant for casually dining in. It is located in Railway Parallel Road, Kumara Park, West Seshadripuram. This place is one of the must-visit vegetarian restaurants in town if you are craving for some innovative and delicious treats. I had my Saturday lunch with my associates at that this place.

Ambiance: You will be welcomed by a big painting of Amitabh Bachchan which is made out of audio cassettes fixed on the wall. They have a Sholay scooter with a sidecar at the entrance where you can take pictures. The ambiance is completely filmy and every menu has a Filmfare or stardust cover on it. You will feel like you are on a film set. The service is good and the staff is friendly.

Food: We started with some Ginger Chhach, which was quite refreshing and delicious.
Masala Cola was good too. I loved it.

Appetizers: Cheeseling Bhel was one of the best I have ever had, with a perfect balance in the blend of spices and cheeseling. I loved it.
HF Samosa: Samosa Stuffed with Potato, Minced Paneer, cheese, and Jalapenos was quite delicious. I loved it. Best served with the Kasundi Relish.
Street Style Sweet Corn: Sweet corn steamed and crisps mixed with HF special Masala was delicious.
Paneer Naansense: Looks like a pizza but was a Naan topped with peri peri paneer and Cheese. Quite an innovation and it is delicious. I loved it. I strongly recommend it.
Pav Bhaji: I loved it because of its mini pavs with the bhaji. It tastes delicious but needs to improve on their spices. I felt it doesn’t touch exactly get to the level of spices you expect in Bhaji.
Gol Gappa: This was more like Golgappa Shots with pudina pani, Sweet pani, and chaas. Loved it.
Paneer Ghee Roast: It just brought back my memories during my stay in Mangalore. Loved the marination and the paneer was so soft it just melts in my mouth. Loved it.

Main Course: Rawal Pindi Chole Paratha: Paratha Stuffed with Chole masala and vegetable. It is served with achari relish and yogurt. It was delicious.
Subzi Kolhapuri: Diced vegetables cooked in spicy tomato sauce served with Kulcha was quite delicious. I loved it.
Dal Makhni: After Delhi, this place serves the best Dal Makhani which just stole my heart. It was perfect and I loved it. Recommended that it is best served with Roti or Butter Kulcha.
Stir-fried Vegetable: Stir-Fried Mushroom, Chinese Cabbage, Bamboo shoot with chili garlic basil sauce served with Jasmine rice, it was good.

Desserts: (After such a heavy meal my stomach just said no to the desserts but my heart just made me have some.) Fresh Magai Paan Ice Cream: Pan Lovers this is your dream Dessert. You will love it. I just couldn’t resist my taste buds. Loved it. Especially the Gulkand taste that dominated it and it just made my day.
Fresh Organic Jaggery Ice cream: This was delicious. You will have an awesome taste of chikki in it.
Gulab Jamun Mousse: Gulab Jamun layered with chocolate and rabri. Loved the chocolate part. Just melted in the mouth.
Pista and Bournvita Kulfi: This is one crazy combination. Pista Kulfi covered with Bournvita. Loved it.
Oreo Cheesecake: quite a treat, cream cheese layered with Oreo cookies. Loved it.
(all Desserts are recommended as every dish is worth trying).

They do offer Jain food as well so you can order your heart desires in any style. Prices are a bit high but when compared to the taste it just justifies it. I would love to visit this place again and have some more treats.

Foodie’s Verdict:
Food: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Akhilesh Math

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