We have seen in last one decade, a tremendous change in the awareness of people towards their rights. Many times now, we can see people demanding their rights as a human. So what exactly are human rights?

According to the UN, ‘Human rights are the rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status’.

But when we look at the current scenario in the world, we can see that human rights are not exercised in the right way by the people. There had been incidents where basic human rights of simple people have been violated to set other agendas in work…agendas like political propaganda, marketing of brands, religious propaganda etc. It was not used in favor of the people who actually had their rights violated.

The incident of Asifa and Geetha Rape cases were so much under the media trial past few months. Both the cases had been high on media trial and public outrage was fueled in both the cases. People expressed their anger at all platforms and in every manner they can. While, when it came to Asifa’s case the activists were strong in their presentation, ideologies and strong in
protesting against the assaulters. The case, however, took a nasty turn when it was propagated as Hindu Muslim case. Later on turned into a political agenda. 

Later, when the same kind of incident happened with Geetha, who was assaulted by a man in a Madrasa, the activists fled the scene. The young girl who was a rape victim had to face character assassination by media on all public platforms. Her case and the girl herself was mocked, made fun of and insulted publicly. The demands of marrying off the minor victim to her
rapist were made publicly and the human rights activists were hiding in a burrow like a rat.

Another incident that talks about the abuse of power by these so-called activists were the Jasleen Kaur-Sarabjit Singh case. While she accused Sarabjit Singh of harassing her when she was doing volunteer work for AAP party in Delhi, the media supported her and so did CM of Delhi and many other activists. Three years later, now when the truth is coming to light about her false accusations, nobody is standing against her. Nobody is fighting for the rights of the boy whose life was ruined at such a stage. None of the activists talked or even raised a voice against this girl who took advantage of her political connections at the time.

While abusing human rights has become the most common past time for many humans, we have seen many people getting up and confronting them. As a responsible citizen isn’t it our duty to understand what is correct and what is wrong before coming to any conclusions? There have been more instances where it has been proven that people are using these rights and their status as a celebrity to forward their agendas. Every time that people and the activists are raising voices, are they actually doing good? The simple question arises, ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE CRIMINALS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE RIGHTS OF THE VICTIM?

So, is it Criminals and Victims, or Victims and then Criminals?

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