Don’t expect me to apologize,

Or saying once but thinking thrice,

Coz I am a human, I may not be wise,

But I am a woman

And I am a woman and I can’t be sorry for that.


I may not know what you do,

Or may not know as much as you.

But come on, it’s true,

And you know it too.

You know it, I can learn if I want to do that.


You may be a man, maybe strong.

Your powers can be thick, hard, long.

And I accept that I can be wrong.

But you know, being a woman,

That being a woman is not a part of that.


If you know I do something better,

Then appreciate it and cater.

Coz I am no buffet or platter,

That you may choose what you like.

You may choose and leave the rest, just like that.


Knowing something or knowing not,

Isn’t a thing your genetics caught.

Man, you are right, but I am not.

Coz I am a woman?

I am a woman and I can’t be sorry for that.


Many a time, females are expected to step down or apologize though they are right, just because they are a woman and should have lesser egos, a lesser sense of self may be even lesser self-esteem. Sometimes such expectations come from people who are so close to us. But being a woman is not part of being wrong. So if I do wrong, make me apologize. But not because the one who is wrong is not a woman.


Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Lipi Gupta,04/03/2018, 19:00 PM IST

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