I am a Woman, I can’t be Sorry for That

Don’t expect me to apologize,

Or saying once but thinking thrice,

Coz I am a human, I may not be wise,

But I am a woman

And I am a woman and I can’t be sorry for that.


I may not know what you do,

Or may not know as much as you.

But come on, it’s true,

And you know it too.

You know it, I can learn if I want to do that.


You may be a man, maybe strong.

Your powers can be thick, hard, long.

And I accept that I can be wrong.

But you know, being a woman,

That being a woman is not a part of that.


If you know I do something better,

Then appreciate it and cater.

Coz I am no buffet or platter,

That you may choose what you like.

You may choose and leave the rest, just like that.


Knowing something or knowing not,

Isn’t a thing your genetics caught.

Man, you are right, but I am not.

Coz I am a woman?

I am a woman and I can’t be sorry for that.


Many a time, females are expected to step down or apologize though they are right, just because they are a woman and should have lesser egos, a lesser sense of self may be even lesser self-esteem. Sometimes such expectations come from people who are so close to us. But being a woman is not part of being wrong. So if I do wrong, make me apologize. But not because the one who is wrong is not a woman.


Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Lipi Gupta,04/03/2018, 19:00 PM IST

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8 thoughts on “I am a Woman, I can’t be Sorry for That

  1. This is so different to my husband and I’d relationship. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we did just agree, if one of us fell in line but we are equals. It’s really interesting to see the contrast and I remind my students (especially the girls) not to take their liberties for granted because simple freedoms like having your own opinion isn’t welcomed all over the world.

    1. The world is full of all kinds of people. While everywhere with no exception, women rights and equality are played with, many parts do have contrasting shades of it. We can only hope that being an equal counterpart, women will get their due priveledges. The men who believe women are inferior to them believe being a man is an adjective when it is not even a noun. This is what we need to learn.

  2. It’s a very beautiful poem. People have very less equality feelings when it comes to women. Strangely that doesn’t happen when it’s a man vs man. Then the heirarchy is looked very densely upon.

  3. when it comes to the whole world…its a difficult place for women in overall. our world needs to treat women better. they are the one half of the whole world.

    1. Thank u, ashley. yes, however improving, the stats prove that it is still difficult to be a woman in this world.

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