I don’t want to be me
I want to be the person everyone wants me to be.
But still whenever I be someone else
Nobody is happy.
I try
Try no matter how much I
But trying feels sly
And trust me
Believe me
Though I
I want to be what others want me to be
I end being something that can’t make anyone like.
Looks like
No matter how much I try
I remain one thing away from being right
One thing away from the correct try.
Making people see
Changing from what I am
I try to be what everyone wants me to be
Ending up being nothing…
Feeling I am nothing…
Depression has no reason and if it goes on for long… it has no cure. Look around yourself… look at the people. Invest yourself in people. We are humans and we came from the same place. Possibly someone around us needs our help and we can do, what we can do, at the time he needs it the most.
Lipi Gupta
Copyright:  Lipi Gupta, 02/12/2019, 11:00 IST

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