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Inhouse Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Inhouse Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What if there was a healthier fast food outlet that would serve the oh-so-mouthwatering junk food like burgers, shakes, and hoagies as a healthy option? There’s a possibility that we wouldn’t wanna come out of it ever.
One such place is in Kalyan Nagar and here you can get all these healthy treats. In-house Burger is an outlet that is targeting health conscious, fitness conscious customers who would like to have a change of taste but without having to make it a cheat day. In-house Burger serves healthy snacks that you can enjoy even on a health freak regime and without guilt.
Located near Sherlock Pub, this place is quite a unique on its own. Here you will see a wide variety of Burgers, Shakes, Salads, Hoagies and their in-house special “Cold Pressed Juices”.
Like our In-House Writers, these guys have In-House production of their basic ingredients in-house only and therefore every ingredient is fresh and amazing. The bread is made using Ragi, millets and other healthy ingredients and use of all-purpose flour (maida) are very less while baking these bread. The patties are baked in-house and are not frozen, so no too much preservative. The salad placed in the burgers is very fresh and low calories.

The ambiance is nice, with a menu display board behind the order counter. They have books to read and games to play with as well. The service is good and the staff is friendly. I visited this outlet with some like-minded foodies to try this place.

We started with some oat shakes, the flavors we ordered were Vanilla Hazelnut, Chocolate Hazelnut, Banana Hazelnut, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry.
Vanilla Hazelnut – the goodness and vanilla and oats blended perfectly to get a delightful taste.
Chocolate Hazelnut – this is a treat for all chocolate lovers, a perfect combination of taste and health. It’s a recommendation.
The banana was also healthy and tasty. I loved it.
Mixed Berry was great, loved it too.
Strawberry was good too.

Later we ordered Cold Pressed Juices (apparently liquid diet is more healthy). The best part about it was no added sugars were present and that made it really healthy. We ordered Red Sun, Immortal, Green Lush and Spicy Lush.
Red Sun was a combination of Papaya, Carrot, Beetroot, and Orange was good, the prominent taste was that of papaya and carrot.
Immortal was a combination Orange, Ginger, Carrot, and Lime is a quite a detox, and best part was the flavor of ginger that makes it delicious.
Green Lush was a Cucumber, Ginger and Kiwi juice that tasted good. Cucumber and kiwi combination gives out a different taste which is liked by only a few. I was fortunate to even to be one of them.
Spicy Lush was a Watermelon, Lime, mint and Beetroot juice, good and quite a unique combination.

On the solid part, Burgers were great, every bite was amazing. We ordered In-house Cheeseburgers, Tandoori Paneer, Classic Red and Bourbon Black.
In-house Cheeseburger was good, like a normal cheeseburger but in a healthier style.
Tandoori Paneer was awesome. I loved it.
Classic Red, as the name suggests was red in color because of Red bun made from the beetroot extract. It’s great. Recommended burger here.
Bourbon Black was made with extracts of edible activated charcoal, which is best for detox. It tastes good too.

We also ordered Fries which were dressed with sauce. Loved it.
I also tried Tandoori Paneer Salad and it was delicious, loved it. The veggies were fresh and perfectly chopped, tossed and served with Paneer. Loved it.

Foodie’s verdict :
Ambiance 4/5
Food 4.5/5
Service 4/5

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