Into this soil, I will go one day

Maybe like ashes. Maybe a decay.

What can I be afraid of in this world?

This is not where I will always stay.


The world will move on.

Find something new,

I will be forgotten.

Like all that was once true.


No matter how much I love this world,

It’s not gonna keep me here always.

So nothing in the world scares me,

This is not where I will always stay.


Truth today I am.

Nobody can change that fact.

I will be a truth till I live,

That’s one done pact.


But the day that I am gone

Of the eyes and away.

How can the world scare me?

As it’s not where I will always stay.

Nothing in the world is permanent, especially the ones who came to live here a lifetime. So don’t be scared. Reach out and fulfill your legitimate desires. Leave the fear behind.
Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Lipi Gupta,05/04/2018, 11:00 AM IST

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