Italy in a Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Italy in a Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Italy in a box is one of the best Italian cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. The most awesome quality of theirs is the style of serving fresh food in their boxes…fresh and hot. Serving size is really good and more than enough for one person(and I am a huge foodie for large portion sizes).
What you will first notice will be the amazing number and varieties of Iced Teas and my personal favorite was Strawberry flavored which had its own tangy-tongue-touching taste which made it my instant favorite.
When you talk of Italian Cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Pizzas. Now I will recommend the Joey’s special – two pizza in one go. It could be a little too much for one so take a date with you. I settled for Margherita with onions and mushrooms and Pesto with bell peppers and Jalapenos. In this foodie’s opinion, it was one of the best I ever had. The crust was crunchy and the blend of flavors was like a mini Italy in the mouth.
The garlic bread was soft and buttery and the word that can define it the best is ‘buttery-goodness’. Fresh dough made in kitchen made the bread crispy and tender. I also had Terrezaro soup which was tasty, filled with flavors and spices, seriously worth a try.
Pasta is a must try item of their menu here and I especially insist on giving it a try. They serve the best pasta in the whole city and they serve it piping hot. You will get a whole lot of variety of Pasta to choose from. You can feel the taste of Italy when you try these pastas, but not for one second, you will lose India in the process. Their Pasta is prepared in a special Indianized way. I tried creamed exotic veggies in Pomodoro sauce which were great to taste and they had hand-picked veggies that made it amazing.
Finally, the best part of food; dessert. For dessert, I had chocolate brownie which was so nice I kept craving for more and more. The brownie was soft and melted in the mouth right away.
This visit was so worth it I visited twice again. I would like to explore because this place has the potential of surprising you on every visit. At the end when you pay a worth for the services and the food it makes a worthy visit. I recommend this place to everyone who loves to explore cuisines or who is already in love with Italian cuisine.
Blogger’s Rating: 4.5/5
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Akhilesh Math
Written by: Akhilesh Math
Picture Courtesy : Harshika Dedhia
Edited by: Lipi Gupta

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