Everyone is a fan of Superman, either idolizing him or loving him for being so perfect. But do you know that this year Warren Horizon Television with DC entertainment just started a series of Krypton that depicts the origin of Superman and House of El. This series premiered on 21st March 2018. And the best part is, the whole series is a crazy nail-biting experience. Now that finally, the first season will be ending on May 23, 2018 (and we can’t get enough of it).

*Warning: The articles have SPOILERS…so read at your own risk.*

It started with the execution of Val El by Daron Vex, advisor to the Voice of Rao a self-proclaimed God of Kandor, for treason when Val told the council that there is extraterrestrial life on other planets. (Even though they were technologically advanced they are unable to accept fact like there is life in outer space). So, the El lose their rank and the whole family is made to live in a slum. (Sounds like some cheesy Bollywood masala). So, after a long gap, we can see Seg El living his life as a rankless (the Kryptonians are more racist than human), enjoying life, drinks and having affair with Lyta Zod. (WHAT…?? Is he dating a Zod?) Everything was going well until he meets Adam Strange who traveled back in time to warn Seg about Brainiac. He tells about his grandson Superman and how he is about to disappear from the timeline if the events are not going as they should.

Seg El holding the cape of Superman

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Now, there are three mainstream villains in this series including General Zod( How cliche’ is that? He is one of the arch nemesis of Superman (like Superman wasn’t happy with just one) next to Lex Luthor) and Brainiac (again a very obvious one) and Doomsday (SURPRISE…Okay, it’s a little confusing. Doomsday was supposed to be created on earth with DNA of Superman, so he should be good right? But how can he be?).

Seg El Lyta Zod and General Zod

Dooms day


Courtesy: http://dcmultiverse.tumblr.com

Now, there’s also a terrorist group in Kandor called Black Zero (like this much wasn’t enough.) and General Zod is one of their leaders. Seg discovers the Fortress of Solitude, and the cape of Superman disappearing from the timeline. Adam tells Seg that Brainiac is a world collector and he is coming to capture Kandor (that triggers the destruction of Krypton). They discover a Brainiac’s probe where they realize that sentry of Brainiac escaped and it’s infecting a host.

Every episode is a mind-twisting one with twists of how it turns out that General Zod is Son of Seg El(Uncle of Superman? I did not see that coming.) and proving that Adam came to Krypton not to save Kandor but to have it taken by Brainiac. Over everything, Val El is not dead. There is a clear indication that the whole city is in chaos now and the only person who is trying to fix this is Seg El.


Courtesy: http://dcmultiverse.tumblr.com

After all, it is possible that in the season finale we can witness something unexpected and something awesome and that would also lead to the capture of Kandor and we are going to see how House of El will come to the power again. After all, this and we will know whether the Kandor will fall or not. Are going to see Val El again? Let’s wait and watch.

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