Market Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Market Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Market table is a one-stop location for some healthy and delicious treats. Once you have been here you will never say healthy is not tasty. This outlet is in Koramangala. The interior is quite energetic and it has a simple industrial look. They have posters of motivation as well to brighten the ambiance.

The whole menu is divided into multiple segments like Hearty breakfast, Small table, Salad Market, Pasta Market, Dessert Market, Market in a Bowl and Drinks at the market. Each segment has the variety of dishes to try which are both tasty and healthy.

Service is good. I visited this place with some friends on a Sunday night.

I had a Mini wheat chia roll – wheat chia roll filled with jalapenos, sweet corn cheese grilled served with salsa. It was good and the veggies were fresh. I loved it.

Ma Tai Style cotton cheese is a Malaysian Tai infused dish. It was good.

Batata Hara were baby potatoes tossed in olive oil, with garlic, jalapenos, bell pepper and roasted cumin. It was amazing and tasty and healthy.

Bruschetta Goat cheese with Asparagus was really good. The starters we had were all delicious.

Salad Table: The Garden Gourmet with Grilled Cottage cheese was quite a treat with baked beans and cotton cheese making it a must try the salad for vegetarians.

Market in a bowl: Atomic Crunch Grilled Cottage cheese with roasted sweet potato, brown rice, house herbs, grated carrot, with coconut Thai dressing. This was a treat. I loved the coconut Thai dressing with brown rice. I recommend it especially.

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Market Dessert: Frozen yogurt Bark was just delicious.
Chia seed pudding was good, not too much sweet but worth trying.
P.S no sugar is added in the desserts.

This is one place every health lover would love to try once. If you are on a diet and craving for a delicious meal, just drop by this place and you will enjoy a delicious treat without cheating on your diet. I would love to visit this place again for some more delicious treats.

Foodie’s Verdict:
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5

Akhilesh Math

Written by: Akhilesh Math
Edited by: Lipi Gupta

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