Everything that we go through in our lives, every decision we make, every turn we take…are our milestones. No matter how many wrong corners we turn, how many wrong decisions we make for ourselves…each heartbreak, each tear, each frustrating, challenging, maddening and depressing incident of our life makes sense at that one point. That one point where we realize that everything in our life happened so that we can stand on that one point of it. That is the point where our all regrets downsize themselves into some small nook and corner of our minds and the rest of it enlightened by the beauty of that realization… The acceptance of life as it is.

So, till you reach that point of life which makes your life have a point, keep moving ahead. Somewhere down that turn or next, that one stand is there, waiting for you.
But of course, it’s just a random thought.
Maybe true, maybe not.
Lipi Gupta

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