Every light makes a shadow. So they both go hand in hand. If we have a light it is safe to say that there is also a darkness around us. But today we have way forward in our ‘light’. As in, in this era of the Internet, the world has been exposed to various things that we were not aware of earlier. While on one side the internet has given us easy access to technology, knowledge, awareness, and connectivity, but the darkness is lurking in the corner too. The darkness is coming with the easy access to things with hidden powers that we don’t realize on time. The darkness is the negativity that we are facing in forms that we never imagined we’d have to. The negativity of opening up to the world and leaving our emotions on the mercy of it.

Negativity can be any set of actions that can cause a negative impact on anyone’s life. Either it can be the person subjecting it or the one it is subjected upon. Most of the time both the parties are affected in varying degrees. It can be jealousy, hatred, anger, gossip, pride, vanity, judgment… anything that would pull a person down and make him feel vulnerable is a part of negativity.

While today being a part of a whole big system, we meet new wonderful people as I did, we can be sure to meet people who will pull us down, make us feel bad about ourselves and even make us feel wrong when actually it is us who were wronged with.

When I started being a blogger, I met people and also faced challenges in this field. I witnessed people pulling others down, hiding things, personally attacking others openly in meetups, rumor mills, and whatnot. I feel I had seen it all but I guess I still haven’t. The unlimited malice that this power opened me to, at one point, I even felt if I was in the right field?

The feeling of losing control over things that we are actually trying to work out is dreading, especially, if all you expect is a little politeness and a little help from people. But all I could feel was the power that was unleashed in people made them hungry for more and rude to others.

It is something that is not limited my own feelings and I feel that it is necessary to shield ourselves to this negativity that is coming up like the pollution levels in Delhi and try to be more in control of our mind ourselves instead of losing it to people who are just using it for satisfying their bullying nature.

Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So let’s try and take that responsibility do that we don’t become a reason for negativity in others’ lives.

My Thoughts, My words 

Akhilesh Math 

Written by : Akhilesh Math

Edited by : Lipi Gupta 

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