Everybody has a different story of life. While some have certain beautiful moments, others have different. Sometimes when we meet other people, we realize certain similarities of incidents. But it is quite possible that the sum whole of two different people is never exactly the same; courtesy of different point of views, different opinions, different choices, different decisions, different situations and also luck.
Every life, a unique combination of events circling around each other.
When we go to an airport or a railway station or a temple or a church or any place with lots of people, it’s like a thousand or even thousands of unique lives coming together for a change. While some are due for a huge change as they move towards different directions in life. Some going towards life-changing events and some for having a time of life and some for just a change of air.
But unconsciously we become a part of each other’s stories. Simple, linear threads of stories intertwined to form a web. A web of unique stories where we become small, sometimes even insignificant, characters.
So, we can try and become beautiful parts of other’s stories. This way, we can contribute to making so many lives beautiful.
But of course, it’s just a random thought.
Maybe true, maybe not.
Lipi Gupta

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