Just as I walk by my empty room
I see the void my life has.
And I can hear all my echos when I shout in pain,
But no one comes to heal me back.
I feel I am going far off this world
And no companion will go with me.
The life that’s mine that came to go
Is locked in the prison I built on my own.
And while I am still here, I am alone.
Far away went everyone that I know.
And just because I have nothing to lose.
Severing all ties, breaking all vows.
I have no one, no one’s around me anymore.
My pain has no witness, no witness to me.
The pain has filled all the spaces around,
But the void is empty still.
When no one spoke nor listened to my agony.
Started a silent war with me.
Killing my belief in world’s humanity.
Killing my trust in my sanity.

Adapting to the void as a part of me,
I still feel the need of someone.
I still feel the emptiness in my heart.
I still feel the nothingness in my life.
The helpless creature that still I am.
Still, I am.

Akhilesh Math

C0-Written by
Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Akhilesh G Math & Lipi Gupta,05/15/2018, 22:30 PM IST

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