I still remember those days…
When our school days end
And suddenly my mornings would be filled with laughter
My mother wouldn’t have to nag me to wake up
But my dad still used to scare me about my results
And me…
I would just brush those fears away
Run to the playground
Start a cricket match with my friends
Or a football match or anything new
Might even go and hide as one would seek
Would chase a thief or even become one thief
Never thought…
I could have gotten a sunstroke…
I would just run for the shade
I would get juice or an ice candy that would melt and fade
Till the day end, I would play with my friends
And roam those streets around the ground
As the sun sets, would rush to my home
Not really…
Not really satisfied with my run
In hope of a similar day again.
And it would come, the very next day
No matter how much my mother say,
And dad scared me of results too.
I still feel…
That’s how a summer should be
Lightened soul and the mind free…
But now I see a different view
As kids just play with their Nintendos
Living a virtual life in a virtual world
Laughing alone, crying alone
While those street corners stay silent
Doesn’t feel like a vacation anymore
As the world has sunk into the screen of gadgets
I still remember those days…alone.


The life is too short to be spent on just a mobile screen. The world has way more number of wonders than the virtual ones. Do not let the technology ruin the real happiness of childhood. The beauty of the childhood should be found in reality.

Akhilesh Math G
with Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Akhilesh G Math & Lipi Gupta,04/05/2018, 21:00 PM IST

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