Been to Surajkund Mela this week and I felt it was an amazing place to see.

SPOILER ALERT – It is expensive and if you can bargain you can bargain up to 50%, even, at places.

It is full of art, and cultural representations and a lot of imitations of beautiful things that are native to India can be found here everywhere. To start with, the place has a very big terrain cover and every exhibition is marked with a beautiful gate that represents a certain place in a certain state. In total, there are twenty gates at the whole fair that represents twenty places from twenty states of our country. Every gate is beautifully crafted and is worth noticing.



While the whole fair was themed over Maharashtra, many beautiful sights of all the states can be seen there. The main Maharashtra attraction was the Elephanta caves Trimurti idols which were a silver replica on stone carved idol in the caves and the miniature travel in replica of Raigarh Fort that is constructed on the hillock about fifty meters above the ground level. It has a beautiful idol of Maharaja Shivaji and a beautiful view to the fair.


The whole fair is full of exhibits of state wise decors and native cultural artifacts and minial things that were used at sometimes. Beautiful replicas or original work.


They have established counters of various sizes which are for display only or for trading and selling of many handicrafts including potteries, woodworks, lightings, embroidery displays, clothes, linens, accessories, and everything. Also, there is a huge exhibition devoted to international exhibits belonging to Thailand, China, Japan, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey etc.


There are many props with which the people can lit pictures. Some of these are men dressed in many costumes. The whole fair is beautiful and colorful and entertaining. One huge and three small food courts have been set up in the premises itself and are very reasonable. The cost is pretty much the same as any normal food joint. Everything from pizza to chicken biryani, from bhelpuri to north Indian thali is available there.

Overall, the place is beautiful, colorful and culturally very rich.

It is a beautiful place to spend time. The fair is from 1 Feb to 17 Feb 2019. The tickets are also reasonable and are also available on Book My Show. On Weekdays the ticket is only INR 120 for and on Weekends it is INR 180 per head applicable on everyone above 3 years of age.


Do visit and if you do, let us know in the comments of your experience.



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