Tipsy Bull - The Bar Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tipsy Bull - The Bar Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When you hear the Bull in the Stock market, it symbolizes stable economy with stocks rising and price going up. But when you hear the Tipsy Bull? It means the stock is high in alcohol. Tipsy bull – Bar stock exchange is a unique themed bar where every drink’s cost varies based on the stock market system. This concept has been successful in pulling the crowd to this outlet and is based on roleplaying a drunk stockbroker buying alcohol based on charts. This is located on the outer ring road, Bellandur.

Ambiance: As the theme, they got an open ambiance with an open bar. They have display boards with prices of drinks changing based on the demand of the customers. If you are lucky you might get your favorite drink at the lowest cost or the luck might turn eventually.

Theme based app: To order the drink you need to download an app named Tipsy Bull from the play store and only after giving the age proof you can start ordering the drinks based on your choice.
Service is good and unique. Once you order the drink through the app, your order will be confirmed by the bartender and served to your table. The staff is friendly.

Appetizers: Szechuan Peanuts is a bar bite with peanuts tossed in Szechuan sauce.

Indo Chinese Bhel was a Chinese bhel dish, a must try munchies with the cocktails

Bearish Potato Wedges were good.

Haute coin idli tossed in Szechuan sauce.was a fusion dish which was amazing. You will not realize it is an idli
and you will love the tang and spice of it. It is a recommended item on the menu.

Smelting Mushroom Pepper and Cheese Roll were spring rolls stuffed with mushroom cheese and pepper dipped in sauce. They do look like cigars and I loved it.

Jalapenos Cheese Bombs were good.

Drinks: Long Island Iced tea is one of the strongest cocktail served here. It’s good for a hangover if you are interested.
Bartender’s choice: Cranberry juice with vodka. It was good like usual.
Coffee Shots: Coffee shot with whipped cream was an awesome touch. I loved it.
Pan Shot was also a hit.
Kamikaze was good mildly strong.

Pizza: Hawaiian Veg Pizza: Not a fan of pineapple on pizza, but was good.

Main Course:
Cotton cheese Steak with pesto rice and buttered vegetables was amazing. I recommend it. The cotton cheesesteak was soft and I loved the rice and vegetable combined with it.

Desserts: Tipsy Bull Special Chocolate Mud Pie was very tasty. I loved it. After being loaded with drinks this dessert was a showstopper.

Usually, we don’t expect this good food in bars because they concentrate on drinks more. So hats off to the chefs.

Foodie’s Verdict:
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5

I would love to visit this place again for some more trade and some more dishes to try.

Akhilesh Math

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