When real women are not far behind in displaying strength in their lives, why will the stories and their characters be? This Women’s Day we have compiled a list of female characters which broke the cliché of being a female character.


  1. Queen –

When Rani Mehra’s (Kangana Ranaut) fiancé, Vijay, calls off the engagement, she starts her journey of self-discovery on her pre-booked honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam. The whole movie revolves around her adventure with her fast friend Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon) whom she meets in Paris and also her encounters in Amsterdam. She realizes her cooking potential by winning the cook-off competition by selling Gol Gappas on the streets of Amsterdam. The whole movie portrays that a woman can discover herself and can make wonders, which doesn’t really require a guy beside her, especially the one who doesn’t care for her.


  1. English Vinglish

Shashi Godbole (Lt. Sridevi) a homemaker, who takes catering orders of sweets from home runs a small business, is look down upon by her husband and her daughter because of the lack of knowledge in the English language. She visits her Sister’s house in New York for her niece’s wedding. Due to one incident in a coffee shop, she decides to learn English, and with her earned money by selling laddoos she enrolls in an English learning course. The movie shows how her determination and her urge to learn makes way for a brilliant twist. Her final wedding speech comes out as a game changer for her life in this movie, as she realizes that she can do anything and everything once decided.

3.Mother India

Mother India is a story of Radha(Lt. Nargis Dutt), a woman from Rural India in late 1950’s where one loan taken, for her wedding, ruins her life as she is compelled to may unusually high interest. When her husband suffers an accident and walks off on his family out of embarrassment. The struggles of Radha to keep her family alive when she has literally nothing shows a very realistic portrayal of a single woman in that era.


  1. Arth

Pooja (Shabana Azmi) is a married woman who loses her house and later her husband when he falls in an affair. Pooja decides to protect her integrity leaves her husband’s house and find a job, shifts into a hostel. Meanwhile, all this stuff happens with help of a guy she befriends and he ends up falling for her. From adopting her maid’s daughter to rejecting her reconciling husband and deciding to live an independent life without a man beside her, she proves that a woman is not born just to get married, but has the power to lead her life on her own terms.


  1. Dor

When Zeenat’s (Gul Panag) husband mistakenly kills Meera’s (Ayesha Takia) husband, she is ordered by the court to have Meera sign a letter of forgiveness of guilt. Zeenat comes to the village and finds Meera to be grieving while all the exuberance and happiness that was part of her personality has vanished already. She helps her get her life and happiness back and at the end takes Meera with her in the search for a better life. The story has portrayed well the problems a widow faces after the death of her husband, in rural areas.


  1. Jab We Met

Geet may seem like a self-obsessed and unrealistic girl, but she had her way with life. The girl had very clear priorities when it came to what she wanted and how she wanted it. She decides to help an utter stranger in a train when she sees him bewildered. She had a take-control and no-nonsense kinda attitude which made her clear and special. When she faced her mistake she took responsibility for it without burdening with it anyone else. Her different way of thinking gave her a different outlook on life which wasn’t easy to maintain.


  1. Mardaani

Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukherjee) is an ACP with Mumbai Police who gets hold of a human trafficking and sex racketing group when an orphan girl she dotes on fell prey in those wrong hands. While the man running the racket threatens her via her family as well as her job, she doesn’t leave the trail and finds the culprits behind it and does all the justice in the case. Realizing that the man is not a human but a monster, she does not fall into a moralistic trap, like shown in movies, she takes the ultimate step of getting him killed and declares it a public outrage. A female in a testosterone driven job where she does better than others who accepted defeat way before than her.


  1. Kahani

Vidya Arnab Bagchi (Vidya Balan) visits Kolkata for finding her husband who is missing and discovers that his face resembles a wanted terrorist. While working with a cop she works to find the terrorist and CBI uses her as bait. But the end reveals that Vidya Bagchi was planted with a story to find and kill the terrorist and expose the mole in the organization. From the role of a pregnant woman to a transformation into a well-trained agent, she displays the power of her character in her every move.


  1. Lajja

The movie was an epic when it comes to women power. Five girls which shared synonyms of names of Sita and their struggles in life where one fights the ritual of dowry and other stands up for her rights when she is rejected by a man whose child she is pregnant with but not married to. One woman fights with her husband who has extra marital affairs but wants to catch her as she is pregnant and he is impotent after an accident. Last women is in her middle age and is raped by the village head because her son dared to fall in love with his daughter. The story portrayed the harsh struggles that women faced in different statuses of lives and that no matter which status you belong to, if you are a woman, you will face problems.

  1. Fashion

The movie had three female strong characters but mostly it was a story of Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) who falls into glamorous trap of fashion industry. But while she brushes herself off after she falls on her face when she faces the reality, it is the journey of her finding herself and her confidence back.


  1. No one killed Jessica

Rani Mukherjee plays the role of a badass reporter who goes into truth of Jessica Lall case by her reporter skills when her sister Sabrina is all out of hopes of getting justice against her sister’s murderer. However the story is based on true events, the role of Rani Mukherjee is purely ficy=tional, a collective portrayal of all the reporters that worked the case.


  1. Neerja

Based on true events this movie was about the infamous air hostess Neerja Bhanot (Sonam Kapoor) who was trapped in a hijack of an Indian plane on Pakistan Airport. While throughout the movie she keeps her calm and tries to take care of the situation and helps hostages get out when she got the chance, she is brutally killed while she saves small kids which are trapped last in the plane.



  1. Tumhari Sulu

It is the story of Sulochana Dubey, Sulu, who lives in a lower middle class household. Since childhood, she is blamed to be an underachiever in everything as opposed to her two elder well settled sisters. Her husband loves and support her a lot and she ends up taking an 18+ only late night Radio show as an RJ. With her seductive voice, she talks to people who are majorly from lower class backgrounds and her tacts help her deal with them in an unusual manner. While she struggles with her image in her family and helps her husband establish their own business while taking care of both her own job and her kid, it is a soft but powerful character of a modernized woman.


  1. NH10

It is the story of Meera (Anushka Sharma) who has witnessed an honor killing with her boyfriend while she is on a road trip. While throughout the night she is desperately trying to protect herself from an impending doom of getting brutally murdered by the same people after they murder her boyfriend. The movie portrays Meera as not a special but a brave in desperation girl.

14 Highway

Kidnapped by a few people, Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) develops a sense of freedom in her abduction which she never got when she was young. She was sexually abused at her house by her uncle in her childhood and never got to reveal this and get the justice she should have. Lack of protection in her own house and life and similarities of her life with her abductor she develops, one can argue Stockholm Syndrome kind of, feelings for him. Mahabir, her abductor, slowly starts reciprocating her feelings but ends up getting shot by police. Later, reconciled with her family she faces all her demons when she confronts her parents and her uncle for whatever happened to her and leaves her house forever to find solace in the mountains.


  1. Pink

The movie portrayed the struggle of Three young women who falls into a misfortune of meeting wrong guys in an event and decide to go for dinner with them. Which started as a casual dinner ends up in being a full fledged attack on the girls in which Minal Arora (Tapsee Pannu) crashes a bottle on the head of one of the molesters who is nephew of a political person. The story portrays the struggle of girls as they face charges of attempt to murder and prostitution, while they try to prove their innocence in court. The story portrays the strength of women in an incidence where their only mistake was trusting the wrong person.


There are so many movies in Bollywood which beautifully portrays the strength woman represents in different scenario. Strength is not just in fighting crime or getting justice or setting things straight. Even cooking food after a long day at office, facing family problems head on, bringing up children, fighting on different spheres of life displays the strength of a person. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we wish everybody Happy Women’s Day and salute them for their strength in every sphere of life.

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