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Random Thought #6: The Rear Window Approach

24 October 2020, 10:33 PM

31°c , India

Random Thought #3: Phoenix Flight

Random Thought #3: Phoenix Flight

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Among all the mythological creatures, one of the most intriguing is the Phoenix. A Phoenix, when about to die, burns to ashes and from those ashes, a new Phoenix is taking birth. A new Phoenix that has a new life to start afresh. We can also apply this to us.

Whenever in life we encounter a loss or if we receive pain, we huddle in our coats and shells. This is a normal human tendency to shield ourselves from any potential pain that we might end up having. We shy away from the events that cause us pain. But we do not realize that pain is a part of life. It is an important part of our lifecycle. While pain may temporarily hurt us, it is also the truth that makes us grow.

Till the time we keep on shielding ourselves, the Phoenix in us is growing old. But a day comes when we no longer feel the pain and the hurt and our mind is ready to take the flight again, we burn and a new Phoenix in us rise from the ashes. This new Phoenix is more grown up and more matured because it has passed from the fire of knowledge. Till this happens we end up hurting ourselves inside us, but the day we rise again we understand the value of what we have gained and the new ‘us’ in us is grown beyond what we were. Every human is a phoenix in their own way.

My thoughts, my words.


Akhilesh Math


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