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Random Thought #6: The Rear Window Approach

24 October 2020, 10:35 PM

31°c , India

Random Thought #5: Hug Yourself

Random Thought #5: Hug Yourself

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There are times in life that going gets tough. Maybe even happen on a weekly basis. May prolong for a week…maybe even more. Be it a bad day with the boss or a showdown with your mom. Be it a really ugly fight with your bestie or your boyfriend or maybe your website was hacked. The smallest of the reason is enough to make you crave that magical hug.


There are people you depend on when you are low and your mood stoops below your feet. You feel like the world is crashing and going down the drain and this can happen on the smallest of things. There’s no way to quantify how low you should feel at a certain height of a problem. The only easy way and possible cure is a magical hug, a protective hand on your head…a love-filled gaze into your eyes.


But who should we get it from? We have some amazing options to choose from- parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/ wife.

If you got to depend on someone – depend on yourself. No way someone else can feel something exactly as you do…see something exactly as you see. Your mind and your view can never be exactly as someone else. So after (or before even) getting those hugs from everyone, get a hug from yourself. A tight bear hug or a soft dog hug or maybe even a sweet long hug like…like only you can do. The best part is you can get it anytime no matter how far your boyfriend/ girlfriend is, no matter how pissed off your parents are, no matter where you stand in this world…it’s the one hug that you can get whenever you need it.


But of course, it’s just a random thought.

Maybe true, maybe not.



Lipi Gupta

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