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24 October 2020, 11:18 PM

31°c , India

Examinations…And True Potential

Examinations…And True Potential

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The real potential of yours is not revealed in an exam on an A4 sheet. The true potential is revealed in the practicality of life… On the real battlefield. The true knowledge, the true understanding, relativity, adaptability… These are the real standards of your potential.

Examinations are not about the competition with others. The true joy is in the expression of oneself. It is about measuring your standards on your own parameters in your own scales.

So do not compete with those who sit around you in your class. Not even those who are not around you. Compete with yourself. Best yourself in the race. Drive your passion to the goal on your own terms, your own pace and your own potential. Because if you will run ahead competing with someone, you may miss your calling. You may miss what you were meant to be, to become what you followed.

Expectations are not to push you down. They are not dead weights tied to your ankles. They are like wings. They are the burden on your back that helps you fly. So do not let those expectations drown you like dead weights.

Examinations are a test of your knowledge, not your potential. If you pass – you soar ahead. If you fail – you try again. If you pass – you gain what you wanted. If you fail – you gain an experience. But you don’t lose anything till you give up.

So learn what you can, give it your best, work hard and attempt the best you can, stay calm and be patient. If not today, then tomorrow. Eventually, everything comes.

Give it your best and stay hopeful.

Best of luck for examinations.


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