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24 October 2020, 10:20 PM

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 Why Do The Schools Fail To Teach?

 Why Do The Schools Fail To Teach?

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Schooling is the most basic part of one’s life. Assuming one lives around hundred years in one’s lifetime, education… schooling (including all the college and PHD’s) forms 25% of it. During this period most of the time, we learn things. Sometimes we do the process of re-learning and unlearning too. If we analyze, in simple terms, we learn many things at school right from history to politics, to geography to sociology, from science to literature. Basically everything. And as we move up the ladder of the system of education, we go on narrowing the area of learning one subject or one aspect in particular. And on that basis we try to secure either our profession or a job. This is the usual process across any part of the globe. The pattern of schooling and the matter of the subject may vary according to the geographical, political and environmental and overall upbringing. However, the gist remains the same. The rudimentary idea of learning vast subjects of varied matters to equip ourselves to evolve in the ever-changing world is the same across the world. But the most pressing question which overall persists is that, ‘Whether schooling actually teaches us everything?’ I mean in the literal sense. Some, rather most, might argue, ‘Yes, it does.’ If so, why is the crime rate always increasing? Why the rich and poor gap exists all over the world? Why do most politicians and political parties work unethically? Immorally? In corrupt manner? Why certain countries remain under developed, while the adjacent countries of same stature, tend to upgrade themselves to developed status in certain years? Why is there elitism instead of egalitarianism?

Does schooling answer these kinds of questions? If they do, why do these problems have not been solved even till now? Basically the underlining statement is - what morality and ethicality we learn in schools and why is it restricted to books itself? These are some pressing issues which have been afloat since ages and they will keep on floating for ages to come.

Do any of us have the answer to these questions?’ Frankly, the simple answer is no, because we all are the products of the same schooling system and are facing the same dilemmas.

We can believe that schooling or the education system has the capability of answering the most pressing and relevant questions. But the truth feels that no one is looking for these answers because these answers are not omnipresent… they not in our sight… not even in our minds. They are ever-changing. The answer might be biased most of the time.

Thus schooling teaches us the basic forms of everything, of which most are irrelevant for the living. I mean look at this scenario, a school can teach us how to make our lives less miserable and knowledgeable, practically to feed ourselves and live happily till death. But it does not. So the question remains…

Why do the schools fail to teach?


Written by: Ram Koppar; in his own words, a larger than life thinker, who believes in spreading peace and harmony. He believes the pen is mightier than the sword and believes in bringing the change by being the change.

Edited by: Lipi Gupta

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