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15 June 2021, 08:57 PM

31°c , India

Writer’s Block…

Writer’s Block…

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I know I wanna write,

but don’t know what about.

My brain has wandered everywhere,

guess not on the right route.


The sparrow with her red coat

makes me glance again.

But before I think something for her

she flies off to Spain.


The crooked-winged-cricket

danced up and down.

I’d have written something for it

but crickets make me frown.


Black and white, came neighbor’s dog,

woofing, his name is Kai.

All my mind was thinking about,

‘Why can’t dogs fly?’


Came with Kai, Fluffy.

My neighbor’s poor kitty.

But I can’t write a cat song

it doesn’t sound much witty.


I saw so many things,

and still couldn’t find,

the one thing to write upon.

This disturbs my mind.


With a pen in my hand

and on the face a pout.

I wrote a poem on those things

I couldn’t write about.


We all have the time in life when we have a fever and cold and cough….and all that makes us happy is mom’s care and a bowl of soup(for me its Gol Gappa)…so this is the outcome of a fever guys coz that somehow affect my creative abilities as well I think.

Enjoy the 101 degree Fahrenheit hot poem.


Lipi Gupta

Copyright:Lipi Gupta 9/18/2017 9:20 AM IST

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