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18 May 2021, 06:31 AM

31°c , India

Walking Past You

Walking Past You

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Let the time stop for a while,

Or let the time repeat itself,

To the time when you were with me.

I feel my lonely heart breaking into pieces,

As the memories of our last moment

Once again pass my eyes.

Your smile that flashes in my memories,

Your voice that still haunts me,

My eyes that search for you still

And my arms that want to hold you close.

I am the wolf who was in love with the moon.

Whose destiny was to be away…away always.

Never felt heavy in my heart that way.

When I had to walk away.

Never to meet again.

Losing my right to love you…

Losing my love…

But when I met you in that crowded place

Fearing my heart will fall again.

I hated myself even more.

But I knew staying away was the best I could do.

I had promised I would never leave you.

But broke the promise just for you.

And the day I went away…

I had glanced at you

And as I stand in this empty space.

I turned back once more like I did then.

Watching you eyeful once again

I dissolved in the crowd…

Faceless…Part of the crowd again.



Akhilesh Math


Written by: Akhilesh Math G

C0-Written by: Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Akhilesh G Math & Lipi Gupta, 05/15/2018, 22:30 PM IST

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