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18 May 2021, 07:37 AM

31°c , India

She Rose

She Rose

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She is the woman in my life,
She can be my mother, my sister, my friend, my daughter, or she can be my wife...
She's the lifeline in my heartbeat
But she's the reflection of how I treat
She's the inspiration for me to become better
She has wisdom,  solutions, has advices, if nothing she has her support and she cater,
Her shadow to me is the care she gives
When she walks behind me it boosts my will
She has my hand in hers and she stands with me in blunders
She expects exactly as much trust and love back as she herself plunders
She stands like my shield whenever something hits me 
And the world tries to tell, she's incapable, while all I see are the evidence of bravery.
The world is so wrong to think physically she's so poor
Because every Woman has the power of Man and then some more.
She's the owner of the energy that is feminine and divine...
And she inspires my world and she makes my world shine
Her existence is so much more than being just a beauty
She is her courage, her endurance, her faith, her wisdom, her grace, her power, her sensitivity
What's wrong in saying she made me, her faith in me flows
And to help me rise from what I am... She left the world's prejudices behind... And she rose.



Lipi Gupta

Hear it in my voice here:




Copyright: Lipi Gupta, 23, October 2020 11:00 IST

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