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18 May 2021, 07:24 AM

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My First Voting Experience

My First Voting Experience

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Part of being a proud Indian citizen gives you rights out of which Voting is one such right as well as a duty. A right to be able to choose the person to lead us and a duty to give the reign in the right hands. This opportunity makes us responsible for the government body and thus the chosen one should be a deserving candidate.

This year I was to cast my vote for the first time. As much lame as it sounds, casting a vote is an exhilarating experience. The whole standing in queues (okay lame), seeing the electronic voting machine (I didn’t like its color really), last-minute air rising above from lungs to mouth (possibly doctor appointment is due), nausea (possibly the dosa I had in morning) and finally pressing that button and hearing the bell (Wait…did I press the right button). The whole thinking and feeling responsible for your vote is a tiring job as well. The two minutes overpowering feeling of power…and it’s done.


My whole journey of casting my first vote started a month ago. Whenever I would open any of the social media, I would see the propaganda, the speeches and the defaming blame game of the oppositions (I spent so much on popcorns last month I should send the bill to these parties really). This had been trending in our state from the day elections were announced. Trust me, it is not that easy to see these pictures. Some of them are really disturbing images (Viewers discretion is advised) as well as most are hearsay gossips, news, and arguments. Even Memes are being used as a medium to promote their political parties (yes, that happens when your leaders use Twitter and Instagram). But let’s not get distracted by these posts. As usual, my support is always to the right person (only if we can be sure of that) and so I was waiting for this day.

So, as much I did keep my voter id like my college exam admit card, a day before, I just realized that my voter id was missing (cliche’ right?). I turned my home upside down in order to search for the document (with my mom screaming in my ears….but we all have been to that place, right?). I was unable to get it so I thought I would just use my Aadhar card to cast the vote. (Yes, any valid identity proof is acceptable to cast the vote.)

Early morning I got up late (screaming continued) and just went directly to the voting place at nine. The line was huge (thanks to the increasing population of the country) and I looked for the shortest one (relatively shorter anyway) and joined it. While waiting for my turn I could hear discussions about what candidate is standing for what party and who has done work in past years and many more (yes, the I-am-the-political-science-graduate-I-know-everything-category people were present there too). I was keenly listening to the discussion when my turn came (I was glad, some of the arguments were compelling me to become a serial killer instead of a writer).

Seriously speaking, the high point of all this was that I exchanged a few slips from every people standing behind counters. One forty-five-year-old aunty with thick spectacles and yellow Saari looked at me and smiled (No aunty, I am not interested in marrying your daughter…please don’t smile so evilly) took my hand and marked my nail and finger with the dye. I was officially stamped as a voter in India. Slowly I slipped in privacy (in front of EVM, not the washroom…seriously) and looked at the buttons. I was looking at the magical marvel The buttons with all the symbols, one of which was going to rule my state and maybe declare the future of a certain candidate in my country. The machine was very simple yet they say the things with the most power are the simplest ones. The machine that held that power of deciding the future of our country…

“Hey…make it fast. There are so many more people behind you.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

I pressed the button and verified my vote (wait I did press the right button, right?). And walked away. Two minutes of power position had passed and I had to go home and try finding my voters’ id as well (I hope mom had a good voting experience).

I wouldn’t say it was a great experience but casting vote for the first time is always a new experience (wait, who am I kidding? It was awesome and it was lame. But it had its moment) and I felt I am a part of this democracy and I felt proud.


Co written by : Akhilesh Math & Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Akhilesh G Math & Lipi Gupta,05/12/2018, 14:30  IST

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