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किसी को उम्रभर की तन्हाई मेरे ख़ुदा मत देना।

Jallianwala Bagh

I Don’t Want To Be Me…

Art of Being Still

तुम क्या खुद को ख़ुदा समझते हो?

18 May 2021, 07:12 AM

31°c , India

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh

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Baisakhi, it was a festive day.

Peacefully they wanted to celebrate.

They gathered around for a peaceful talk,

Not knowing of the on route shock.

There were men, women… There were children.

Wanting to have a peaceful Baisakhi fun.

But a vicious man had other plans.

Nobody there had stood a chance.

That garden had seen no mercy that day.

Bloodshed… No one had a say.

He had come with a merciless army.

Entering, they blocked their entry.

Must have been a devil in General Dyer,

Who had ordered to open fire,

And life once had stopped.

Blood spilled that day could not be mopped.

No one thought on a peaceful day,

End up being themselves prey.

People shouting for their life,

But General’s bloodthirst saw no strife.

People were scared… Cried for mercy,

But Dyer had none of it.

The place was blocked from all four sides

Garden boundaries were General’s allies.

There was no way to break free,

And died that day the humanity.

Children cried as mothers were shot.

Died the old men and died the tiny tot.

Shots fired… Lives entombed.

Well walls couldn’t save the doomed.

Screaming still housed in walls.

Nothing could stop the blood falls.

Red was the only color.

What happened… was no valor.

It was the bloodiest homicide.

Blood seeped the Indian pride.

Ghosts of hope had died then.

Jallianwala Bagh hasn’t been quiet since then.



Akhilesh Math

Co-writer : Lipi Gupta

© Copyright: Akhilesh Math, Lipi Gupta, 13/03/2018, 19:41 IST

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