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तुम क्या खुद को ख़ुदा समझते हो?

15 June 2021, 10:02 PM

31°c , India

Me… Lipi Gupta

Me… Lipi Gupta

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Hi Guys!!

I am Lipi Gupta.

A fun-loving simple human who believes that even an infinitesimal change in the notion can echo as an infinite change in the events of the universe.

However small it is, every person creates a difference by merely breathing on earth. When we were made with the basic necessity of making a difference every time we just breathe, then why limit it to just breathing.

This is my little effort to affect the flow and bring about some extra difference in it.

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will always be on.

I hope you love the work of Gully Writers.



Lipi Gupta

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