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Random Thought #6: The Rear Window Approach

25 October 2020, 12:05 AM

31°c , India



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The day she was born,

Was alienated by her own family.

Her every step was blocked,

Cause she had to end up in a household.

Her every decision was manipulated,

Cause she never had the freedom to live.

She was hurt,

She was stamped,

She was assaulted.

But never she had the courage to stand up.

Every time she was in trouble,

She was taught to be dependent

She was made to live under a masculine guide.

She was taught only to look pretty

But never had she be taught to face the world.

When was raped, she lost her respect.

When lost a child, was scared a sterile.

When she stood for herself, was called a stubborn.

Why was she made into a fragile doll?

Why was she taught to be dependent on others?

When she was hurt, why was mouth forced to be shut?

Why was her strength never recognized?

Why was she never taught to be independent?

Why were her wings clipped as her flight might empower many?

These questions are scars towards the existing society

Cause empowering a man,

Means empowering only one person.

But empowering women,

Means empowering a whole family.



Akhilesh Math


Copyright: Akhilesh Math, 26/03/2018, 22:30 IST

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