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15 June 2021, 10:27 PM

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Why Exotic Effervescence….???

Why Exotic Effervescence….???

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Why Exotic Effervescence?

Every mind on earth is a pressure-built champagne bottle. The stopper keeps a check on the effervescence of the bubbly from it. It doesn’t allow the vivacity and the enthusiasm to come out of the walls built around it. The enthusiasm and the vivacity- the effervescence- that is exotic in nature.

It might be the heavy, salty, humid air of the beach…..or the smell of earth mixed with the raindrops… It might be the smell of a new roll of parchment……or a dusty, well-preserved classic book.

Unless the stopper is released, and the flavor is let flown out, everything that is exotic and trapped within the walls of the bottle will not create the magical tingling it was meant to do. So unstopper that bubbly and bring on the glasses and let the Exotic Effervescence drizzle on you. Cheers!!!



Lipi Gupta

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  1. Tag Slewan - 07 May 2020

    Vivid imagination and well put on words.

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