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तुम क्या खुद को ख़ुदा समझते हो?

15 June 2021, 10:05 PM

31°c , India



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If the world has to end someday

I hope she finds her place underwater

As the sweet waves take over

And deep she goes into a dark oblivion.


For if she ended in fire

She may be cleansed to say

But the red molten mass that she’d be

She may never be revived again.


For if she ended in the ice

The beauty of her will survive

Preserved, but the warmth that she holds

For the ones which are living, will go.


But the water will soothe the burn

The warmth will someday return

The water will caress her curves

And tend to the wounds we gave.


Into the water, if she will go,

She will find a beautiful place

Maybe not as good as the bright sun

But water will bring her solace.


Looking at the ocean for the first time in cognitive memory, the soft solace that it brought, it felt like a beautiful resting place for a beautiful forever.




Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Lipi Gupta,05/03/2018, 12:00 PM IST


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