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24 October 2020, 11:04 PM

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As I Start My Day

As I Start My Day

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As I start my day, I see people

Talking about love and affection.

But they change partners like clothes

I see them shedding tears on poor kid’s picture,

But end up shoo-ing a hungry kid asking for money.

As I start my day, I see people

Talk about their privacy,

but they gossip against each other.

I see people talking about unity and helpfulness

But bully the weak and hurt them.

As I start my day, I see people

Talk about clean environment

But they throw their garbage in their neighbors’ compound

I see people talk about patriotism

But sell their country for some bits of paper.

I see people roaming around

like idols of hypocrisy and unfounded pride.

They do talk about changing the world on social media,

And forget about it after hash-tagging it.

As I start my day, I keep on wondering

Wondering the world we are headed to.



Akhilesh Math



Edited by Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Akhilesh Math 02/25/2018, 17:00 PM IST

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