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15 June 2021, 09:38 PM

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Ode Of The Fallen

Ode Of The Fallen

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From the beginning of time,

When humanity was at its prime.

I was the guardian of all,

Took the power at my call


My father was the all mighty tinker

And used to create lives as inker.

He started with something ordinary

It was beautiful to watch them be merry


Then he started the evolution.

The reason that caused the revolution.

They were given their free will,

But never thought they would use it to spill.


I had grown unrest and rebelled,

And father had me expelled.

I fell from a great height into an abyss.

My wings burning and my rage at high limits.


My bones were in pain, my heart bleeding,

Had fallen from heaven into a

The war was on, my rage in my side,

He broke my trust and he hurt my pride.


My wings turned blackened.

My hands shackled.

But I was an unstoppable force.

He too was an immovable source.


When we had the clash.

Turning my world in a flash.

My fallen life was in a dark abyss.

I started creating a world to clash his.


As I walked on that land.

I felt I was betrayed and banned.

And never the less

I was broken in pieces.


I just wanted some peace,

Instead was made the villain of all my stories.

I was labeled a danger to the fraternity.

A creature damned for eternity.



Akhilesh Math


Edited by

Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Akhilesh Math, 01/04/2018, 22:30 IST

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