They say,
My life lacks that force
It’s like an uninspired river
Too lazy to change its course.

“You flow on the path
That was already paved.
Kept changing directions when
Could have carved your way straight.
You could have been with more substance,
Deeper in yourself.
Yet you chose to spread wide,
Thinning your wealth.
You could have stopped falling from heights,
Taken a higher stand.
Look at people around you,
Reflecting colors so higher in the band.
Have you ever thought,
The way that you are going,
In the end, you will fall into the ocean,
Yourself completely destroying?
This life wasn’t meant
To flow without the force,
And before it’s over,
Should change your course.
For we mean you should be happy,
Life bundled together.
Don’t let those waters just flowing away,
Be bound, be a lake… Not a river.”

Yes, they say
And they say a lot.
But truth do they say,
Or just what they thought.

“Because maybe I am a river,
But I don’t lack the force,
Carving my way through stones
I am making my course.
And yes, I could have carved straight,
Yet, life took me many directions.
And though I could have taken the easier way,
I didn’t want to miss real actions.
I don’t lack my substance,
I am deeper than you cater.
My general direction is progressive
And that’s what really matter.
Every time I fell from the heights,
I had failed in flying.
But it took a lot of courage from me
For even trying.
I do look at people around me,
And their sharp and bright reflections,
But I too have bright plumage,
You just have to shift your position.
I know at the end,
I will end up falling in an ocean.
But still isn’t it better
Than sticking to the old notion.
Don’t you think that a lake
Was made to be a lake.
But a river took the way,
It wanted to take.
And just because I am a river,
Why will I lack force?
Rivers are known to wear mountains
To make their course.
So I promise,
Till the oceans consume me,
I will keep gathering the depth,
Not letting the drought doom me.”


Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Lipi Gupta, 04/08/2019, 19:15 IST

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