Finally, the winter came and just blew away the final season of The Game of Thrones. After the seventh season, many had anticipated and had thought that the final season would create history, but as the script went by many were disappointed during the third episode itself. By the fifth episode, everyone was sure that this season was going to be the most disappointing one of all. While people were waiting for the final episode, everyone was skeptical about it. But R R Martin turned the table and the finale was welcomed with open hearts.

However the finale saved few expectations, there were many which were ruined and many disappointing moments came with the last episode also.

SPOILERS ALERT for the people who are still in their earlier seasons.
The Starks won the battle and Bran was made the King of the six kingdoms as the Winterfell claimed their freedom from the King’s Landing. Even though I felt that Jon should have been the king because of his high treason to the Targaryens by killing

Daenerys, he was sentenced to the night watch at the great wall. Things would have been different if Daenerys wouldn’t have started the massacre by burning down the King’s Landing. These chain of unfortunate events just came together in the final season. Tyrion being the hand of the queen was helpless when the queen leveled the King’s Landing. But in the end, his fate was struck again as the hand of the king. Once an advisor… always an advisor.

Sansa Stark was one of the reasons whose actions led to this complete series of war and death.
Her every move was guided by Lord Baelish. She was one person who was easily manipulated by men such as Joffrey, Tyrion and Petyr Baelish. When Arya returned, she got against her as well. But as the treason and scheme of Littlefingers (Petyr Baelish) was revealed and Arya killed him, she reconciled with Arya. Though in the end she was made the queen of the north, she never really deserved it.

You sooo could have been!

Arya Stark was the one who rose into power as the part of the Faceless Men. As after witnessing the Red wedding, she fled to Bravos where she was trained by Jaqen to become part of the Faceless Men, but she returned to the Seven Kingdom. The first thing she did was avenging her family’s death (Red wedding ) by poisoning the House of Frey. She was the main reason for winning the war against the white walkers and yet she ended up being the princess and setting her sail to the unchartered waters. She was the best contender to the throne, yet she ended up on another journey which might never bring her back.

It was the biggest disappointment for me that the episode of war against the white walkers was cut short and not given enough frame time after such a build-up to the character. After all the boost that was created during the Seventh season, we had expected a justified and dramatic war between the white walkers and House of Stark. The whole background build-up went down like a sandcastle in a wave with no amount of justification to the storytelling.

Hail to the new king

Bran Stark, the new king of six kingdoms, was just as surprised as the viewers when he was announced the king. Being the third eye raven, he would be considered a fair choice to be called the king. Though he instrumental in revealing the parentage of Jon Snow, the origin of the White Walker king and many game-changing events. But his destiny as a king was a disappointment even though we all wanted a Stark to inherit the throne.


The Finale was remarkable but in the end, it was still a disappointment for us as everyone had other expectations. Though the story was expected to sucker punch us, we never thought the punch wouldn’t be capable enough to sweep us off the feet.






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